The Plurinational State of Bolivia ratified the Hague Convention on the Apostille on the 2nd of August 2017, and since the 25th of April 2018 Bolivia has been implementing the process of simplifying the chain of legalizations of public documents.Therefore, all public documents issued by public authority can now be apostilled by a Notarius Publicus. Example of such documents are birth certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates as well as academic certificates and criminal records. Apostilled records can be presented in countries that are part of the Hague Convention of the Apostille. Other documents, not issued by public authority, must continue to be legalized by the Consular Office of the Embassy of Bolivia in Sweden so that they can have full validity in Bolivia.

All the documents (originals, copies and translations) that need to be legalized by the Consular Section of this Embassy, must be previously authenticated (Legalized) by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Sweden. Inquiries regarding the requirements for legalizations by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden should be directed to that institution:
Authorized translators:

Please note that copies and/or translations can only be legalized when the original document(s) is legalized as well.
For documents (originals, copies and translations) issued in Finland and Estonia, these must be previously authenticated (legalized) by their respective Ministry for Foreign Affairs.


  • A letter of application addressed to the Consular Section requesting the legalization of the document(s), duly signed, including contact information.
  • Photocopy of Identity Card or Passport of the interested party. In the case of a legal entity: Photocopy of Certificate of Registration of the company.
  • The document(s) to be legalized, previously legalized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden or Finland or Estonia.
    The required documents must be sent to: (Or brought in person to the Embassy during the opening days and hours to the public)

Stjärnvägen 2A, 7tr. 181 50 Lidingö, Stockholm


  • The cost of the legalization will be communicated once the documents have been registered and verified by the Consular Section. The payment receipt must be submitted in order to finish the legalization process.
    Payments of legalization fees in Sweden shall be deposited in the following bank: SWEDBANK – Account No: 83279236044749. Please do not forget to write the last name of the applicant or company name + LE in the “message or reference field” in order to identify the payment. For payments from Finland and Estonia, please contact us to provide you the international bank details.
  • Once submitted the required documentation, including the proof of payment, the legalization is done within 7 working days. However, delays in submitting the payment receipt will cause delays in the legalization process.

IMPORTANT: The Consular Section is not responsible for the delivery and return of legalized or uncompleted documents. For the return of documents the interested party must: enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with appropriate postage and size of envelope for return of the documents; arrange a pick-up with a courier company; or personally pick-up the documents from this Embassy during the opening days and hours to the public.

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